Latest Walmart Tech Innovation: OneOps

Author: 8th and Walton


Walmart is a technology company, so they often have new tech innovations to talk about. The latest is an open-source cloud solution.

Open-source refers to technologies that are not privately owned, but are available for use by developers everywhere. WordPress, the content management system that powers one quarter of the world’s websites, is one example. Everyone can use it freely. Manufacturing is increasingly turning to open source software, too, in preparation for the IoT need for machines made by different companies to communicate with one another.

The cloud is the metaphor used for remote data storage. If you use Google Drive or store your photos on Facebook, you’re using the cloud.

Now OneOps, software developed by Walmart’s tech team @WalmartLabs, offers a way for Walmart — and anyone else — to switch quickly from one cloud storage area to another. That means that a Black Friday spike in the amount of data storage needed can prompt a shift of some of Walmart’s data to another part of the cloud. And that means that Walmart can save money and encourage competition among cloud providers.

It also means that suppliers using Amazon’s cloud services can more easily change to another provider. Amazon recently announced new security measures for their cloud services, calling them “cloud lock-down.” While security is the most common context for the phrase, Walmart is redefining “cloud lockdown” as the situation of feeling tied into a specific cloud provider because it’s so much trouble to switch — a feeling many consumers have had about their banks or cable companies. OneOps will make the switch simpler,

OneOps will be available on GitHub, a software repository, by the end of the year. Suppliers who feel locked into their cloud provider relationships will have the opportunity to make a cost-cutting switch.



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