Focus on Suppliers Talks Health and Beauty

Author: 8th and Walton

Loria Oliver spoke with Marsha Martin, President and CEO of Onyx Brands, on Focus on Suppliers.

Onyx Brands has products in five categories in Walmart stores, and has been a Walmart supplier for 25 years. Part of the success of her company rests with her ability to continue to innovate.

Right now, Onyx has an app that lets consumers virtually try on nail art using a photo of their hands — before they buy.

They also use an extensive gallery of nail art photos on Facebook, QR codes that let shoppers learn more about a product while they’re standing in the aisle, and a blog with fun and entertaining content for their customers — both professionals and home consumers.

See the full episode of Focus on Suppliers and hear Martin’s tips for getting your products into more categories, plus more on the health and beauty category from suppliers and industry experts.

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