What Is Retail Link® For?

Author: 8th and Walton

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What is Retail Link®?

Retail Link® is an online hub for the data, documentation, reports, and special applications that suppliers use to manage their business with Walmart.

If Retail Link® has always been part of your Walmart supplier experience, you might think of it as a duty or a way Walmart checks up on you. In fact, Retail Link® was a revolutionary new idea when it started. It gave suppliers more power and autonomy.

“Retail Link®,” said Peter Pham in Forbes, “provided a way for suppliers to manage their own products by allowing them to monitor their data, including sales and inventory volume, in-stock percentage, gross margin and inventory turnover. As a result, they could achieve low levels of inventory risk and associated costs.”

Pham pointed out that Big Data is big for giants like Walmart, but that it also levels the playing field for smaller companies. In the past, suppliers didn’t have full information about the performance of their own products. Using your own data in Retail Link is significant for your partnership with Walmart.

But demographic data about consumers in specific communities was also hard for suppliers to access. Doing the research and buying market data were both expensive undertakings, and smaller companies didn’t get the information that allowed larger companies to make data-driven decisions.

The most recent CSC Global CIO Survey found that three quarters of CIOs believed that Big Data increased productivity and efficiency in their organizations.

Are you getting those results from Retail Link®? If not, consider training. 8th & Walton, the premier Retail Link® training company in the world, offers beginning to advanced Retail Link® courses both in classrooms across the country and online.

If training isn’t the best solution for you, custom consulting may be the perfect fit. Our experts can gain insights into your business with Retail Link®.



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