Made in America with Saturday Morning Meeting for Suppliers

Author: 8th and Walton

One of the guests on the most recent Saturday Morning Meeeting for Suppliers show was Hugh Jarratt from Jarratt Industries, the makers of the Taco Plate. Jarratt had been selling a steady 10,000 Taco Plates a month, and went to the Made in America Open Call in 2014.

“I asked all of my suppliers to sit down with me,” he explained,”and that’s everybody from my banker to the label supplier… to my injection molder.”

Jarratt wanted to be sure that his vendors and his team were ready, just in case Walmart decided to stock the Taco Plate.

“It’s important for suppliers that are looking to do business with Walmart to understand that… you have to be prepared when you walk in,” Andy Schuch of 8th & Walton agreed. “You’re not walking in there to have Walmart try to figure out what it is to do with your business.”

That doesn’t mean that Walmart won’t make suggestions and offer support. “They wanted me to revise my label,” said Jarratt, “make it more professional. So we changed the label. They also looked at my colors and they picked out the colors they wanted the most, they thought were the best sellers. So we came up with the assortment that they wanted and the case pack that they wanted. And then we shipped 60,000 in december of ’14. And then we had a mod fill in april of ’15. So the bulk of the orders have gone out now about two weeks ago.”

Jarratt remarked that other participants in the Open Call had also gotten advice and encouragement, so the event was worthwhile for everyone.

Watch the entire episode in the video above — you don’t want to miss the inspiring stories being shared.



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