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Author: 8th and Walton

umbrellas8th & Walton offers an extensive range of courses for suppliers, but sometimes you need to think outside the box.

As a supplier, you face a lot of questions that other suppliers also grapple with. You and your product may be unique, but chances are good that the specific issues you face with Retail Link, with forecasting, with your supply chain, and with OSA… well, they’re not completely different from the issues other suppliers face.

Our courses are based on decades of experience with those issues and their solutions. The materials we’ve put together for each course address the problems so many suppliers have had. You can also contact us with questions after you’ve taken a class, and there’s no time limit on that.

Still, there are times when your situation is not exactly the same as someone else’s situation.

  • You might be facing specific challenges and inventory management issues that need to be solved quickly.
  • You might need to understand and optimize the metrics of your Supplier Performance Scorecard — your scorecard, now, not once you’ve fully grasped all the general information and gained the skills to figure it out for yourself.
  • You might need help preparing for a line review or Joint Business Plan (JBP) where expert guidance will make a big difference in the bottom line.
  • You might want laser focused expert advice before a buyer meeting

Cases like these, and many more, are the kind where custom consulting is your best bet. And 8th & Walton is the gold standard for supplier consulting.

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