3 Reasons Your Ads Won’t Do Well in Social Media

Author: 8th and Walton

Your ad agency put weeks or even months into crafting those perfect print ads. To get the most bang for their buck, many suppliers figure they can just use the same ad for social media.

Not necessarily.

Here are some factors to consider:

Facebook won’t allow text-heavy graphics in ads or boosted posts.

Graphics used for boosted posts or for ads at Facebook must have less than 20% text. Facebook has a simple grid tool that lets you determine whether your ad can be used at Facebook or not.

You upload your ad, check off all the boxes in the grid that contain text, and you can immediately see whether your graphic will pass the test or not.

grid tool

This one won’t. And in fact, most ads developed for a different environment won’t.

Search engines won’t read your graphic text.

Even when social media platform rules don’t prohibit text on images, you have to remember that search engines can’t read it. If the information is all in your ad and not in the text around it, search engines won’t show your social media posts to people seeking that information. When you post a graphic ad at Pinterest or Instagram, it might seem strange to repeat the ad’s message in your text.


In this case, the message is simple and it won’t be overkill to give the place and subject again in the text, along with the times and specific information.

Bogo coupon, voucher, tag

With this ad, though, putting the words from the graphic into text that goes with the graphic could seem strange to human visitors, even though it’s needed for the search engine’s robot crawlers.

People read differently online.

While people will read full articles online, few people will peruse all the details in a social media post as they might a print ad in a magazine or newspaper. This graphic worked well in the setting it was designed for, but it probably wouldn’t do as well with people quickly browsing headlines at LinkedIn.


What does this mean? Simple: you have to plan graphics for social media intentionally instead of just repurposing ad campaigns. Talk with your designers when you plan promotional campaigns and have them create suitable visuals for each of the social media platforms you use. Link those visuals to the sales page for your campaign.

The results will be much better.



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