How Can You Learn About Retail Link?

Author: 8th and Walton

You get access to the exciting new world of data that is Retail Link… and then what?

Plenty of new Retail Link users get stuck in what’s called the “Sojourner” phase: you figure out how to do a few things, maybe using Walmart’s online how-to info, and you only do those few things.

Some people get stuck in that stage for years. But Retail Link offers so much more actionable data — it doesn’t make sense to do without information that can really help your business, when you have the chance to get good with Retail Link and see real ROI.

There are several options for learning Retail Link:

  • You can take academic classes in Retail Link at a community college in Bentonville. You’ll work with example data, and the cost and time probably make this impractical for suppliers. If you’re a student or a job hunter, though, this can help with finding that first job.
  • You can take classroom training from 8th & Walton in Bentonville near the Walmart corporate offices, or in major cities such as Dallas, Chicago, Charlotte, and Long Beach. We have a full series of classes from Beginning Retail Link to advanced and specialized courses for specific industries, all taught by experienced facilitators with experience in Walmart and the supplier community. You’ll log in to your own Retail Link account and use your own data, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask specific questions and discuss your particular concerns.
  • You can take Live Online classes in English or in Spanish. This is not a canned videotape, but a live presentation. It’s like our classroom training, but can be a money-saving option for suppliers who would otherwise need to travel to a class. It’s also a way to get that live training if your schedule just doesn’t work with ours – though in that case you should also look into our on-site training.
  • 8th & Walton also offers on-site training custom-tailored for your company. The advantages of having training specifically for your people at your facility are obvious. In addition, if you’re looking at sending a large team to Bentonville and covering travel costs and per diem, you may find that our on-site training is an economical choice.

How come we’re not recommending “on demand” video, books, and so forth? Retail Link is Walmart’s proprietary software, so you can’t just grab Retail Link for Dummies off the shelf and get going. What’s more, the amount of information available is enormous, so it’s worth holding out for direct training with a person. You want to be able to ask questions and work through applications to your own particular circumstances. And of course it’s best if you can ask and discuss with an expert.



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